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Welcome to the Content Coach site. I’m Libby, and I’m a coach and advisor for people who run start-ups and small businesses.

I often call myself a ‘story mechanic’ because I’m a novelist and I have a background in narrative media, including teaching screenwriting and creative writing.

The people I’ve helped tell me I’m great at asking the questions that help them identify and draw out the themes and obstacles they’re facing, and learn ways to re-frame their story and take steps to effectively represent themselves and their business online or IRL. 

Which is ace, because that’s what I love doing.

If you’d like to read more about me, how I ended up doing what I do, and some of my credentials, you can take a look at my ABOUT page.

 Be the author of your next plot twist

Libby is a THE go-to authority for my brand’s story. I highly value her astute advice and keen insight. I would recommend her modules without reservation.

Zürich, Switzerland

Susan Platt

Swiss Biz Chick

Libby is so expert at making sense of what is in my head and having me make some clear order of it so it will reach the people I long to make an impact with!

Toronto, Canada

Beth Ostrander

Coach + Owner, Gourmet Life

Fresh … succinct. Libby changed my perspective on my audience and messages. 

Zürich, Switzerland

Alan Le Map

Managing Director, Latitude Consulting

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