Hi, I’m Libby.

A compulsive in-real-life collaborator, I’ve spent nearly a decade building incubators and communities of writers and creators and professional women, with the express purpose of creating contexts in which businesses and creative endeavours can thrive and be realized, and in which unique voices can be heard and celebrated.

I’m also a prize-winning fiction writer, editor and teacher (a ‘story mechanic’) who has learned how to analyze and quantify the fundamental elements of stories. And I’ve observed that the magic of words and stories is that they have enormous power to create a sense of both belonging and empowerment, and to incite change—both in the world and within ourselves.

How did I get into this biz?

When I relocated from Australia to Switzerland in 2007 with my husband and kids, I discovered my professional skills and my own perception of who I was didn’t fit my new context. Whatsoever.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with the options in front of me, I realised I had a choice: either hang on tight to my story and keep trying to do what I did before … or start developing strategies to pivot my career.

As a writer, that meant analyzing the themes of my life and building a framework that would enable me to plot a way forwards, and take action (become the protagonist) in meaningful ways.

And it’s not just people who’ve relocated who can benefit from learning these skills.

The constant flux

Over the years, I’ve worked a wide range of jobs in just about every narrative media industry you can think of: TV, film and radio, as well as digital and print publishing.

Along the way, I’ve watched these industries—and many others—undergo huge technological disruptions that have fundamentally altered the way organizations and individuals interact and operate.

A high rate of change and disruption is now the status quo, and I’ve observed that the people who thrive in environments of change often do so because of their ability to engage their natural affinities, their skills, their values and their community … and because they’re curious enough to investigate the elements that might be contributing to their personal bottleneck.

How can I help?

I typically help people in a few key areas:

  • Purpose—getting clear on why we’re doing what we’re doing;
  • Data—getting clear on what we’re doing with our time so we can strip back the unnecessary stuff and develop processes that fit with our lifestyle;
  • Communication—getting better at how we interact with others online and IRL; and
  • Platform—where we choose to tell our stories and interact with others.

I love helping people work this stuff out. I love it in an entirely nerdy way, and I love sharing the productivity and communication processes I’ve developed over the years.

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Over the past 20 years I’ve picked up a few credentials and skills:

  • Worked with hundreds of new and established writers as an editor and story advisor.
  • Run workshops on ‘communicating for change’ and ‘clean communications’ (drawing on Nonviolent Communications frameworks).
  • Speaker at top locations and events in Zürich (including: Creative Mornings Zürich, Google Switzerland, ImpactHUB Zürich, CoLab Zürich) around topics of communications, thinking outside the box, and transmedia storytelling.
  • Parent of two teenagers (Ms 1999 and Mr 2002).
  • Co-founder, board member and co-editor of The Woolf Quarterly literary journal.
  • Co-founder and board member of The Powerhouse Network for Professional Women in Zürich.
  • Co-founder WriteCon (writing workshops in Zürich).
  • Prize-winner and short- and long-listee of numerous short story and long fiction prizes.
  • I hold a Graduate Diploma in Professional Communications from the University of Canberra in Australia.
  • I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Cultural Studies from the Australian National University.
  • I’ve studied Mindful Leadership with AwakeExec, and completed Leadership and Management in an Academic Environment course for staff at the Australian National University.
  • I’m doing further coaching training with the International Coaching Academy.
  • I hold a Certificate in Writing Identities and Social Issues in Poetry and Plays from the University of Iowa Writing Workshop.
  • I’ve taught screenwriting for first and second-year students at the University of Canberra.
  • tutored at the Ngunnawal Centre, the University of Canberra’s Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Support Centre.