Over the years, I’ve written about many different themes. On the Content Coach site, I’ll be mostly sharing content relating to the following: Productivity, Protagonist Mindset, Story and Content Creation, and Interviews with Creative Thinkers in Business. You can scroll down to see more posts …

Protagonist Mindset
Story and Content Creation

In Conversation: Steve Wheen

Steve Wheen, multimedia storyteller, talks about the impact of creating tiny storyworlds, the power of imagining, his miniature gardens and his work as The Pothole Gardener, a project that transforms ‘crappy to happy’.

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Psychologically speaking, readers like to think we can tell when there is incongruity between a character’s intentions and their actions. In evolutionary terms, it’s necessary to be aware of inauthentic behaviour because it might mean there’s a threat from those outside our tribe … so we’re wired to be able to spot it.

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The Law of Attraction

Like attracts like.

I first read about the Law of Attraction in the context of entrepreneurial thinkers, who apparently often have a tendency towards restless, results-driven, project-based careers, and who apparently also (according to Thomas J. Leonard) have a tendency to look towards others in comparison.

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Blame = Resistance

This is the second part of my investigation into Blame vs. Responsibility. Steven Pressfield is a man to whom many writers and so-called 'creatives' doff their hats. He wrote The Legend of Bagger Vance, and he's one of the stoics; an old-schooler; a stickler for Going...

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Responsibility vs. Blame

Let's start with the locus of conflict in stories. Because it's exactly the same for real life. Usually it's one of three areas: Our environment (our storyworld, the landscape, the weather, apocalypse) Interpersonal (between us and others) Within ourselves (the dark...

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