Over the years, I’ve written about many different themes. On the Content Coach site, I’ll be mostly sharing content relating to the following: Productivity, Protagonist Mindset, Story and Content Creation, and Interviews with Creative Thinkers in Business. You can scroll down to see more posts …

Protagonist Mindset
Story and Content Creation

In Conversation: Craig Kirkwood

Prior to moving to Wales, photographer Craig Kirkwood was the CEO of high-profile training company, Fearless Media, which he founded in 1999. At the time, Fearless was the largest organisation of its kind in Australia with offices and facilities throughout the...

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The Human Way

I'm not going to put feminism on the psychiatrist's couch to try to tease out the gnarly history, the benchmark moments, nor dwell in the injustices that still exist – I've written many frustrated posts on the topic – but I am going to broaden the scope a bit and...

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In Conversation: Jacquette M. Timmons

Jacquette M. Timmons is a Wall Street based financial behaviourist who works with everyone from the middle class to the 1%—helping them ‘blend the emotions of money with the math of money’. Jacquette is also the founder of Sterling Investment Management, Inc. and the author of Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate. Here, she talks to Libby about the ways we talk about money (or not), about the writing of the book, and about one of the most influential factors in her life. (Hint: it’s a person.)

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In Conversation: Kaye Llewelyn

Kaye Llewelyn is a Zürich-based artist whose recently released children’s picture book, Pocket Money, conveys a playfulness and a world of serendipitous possibility through images without words. Here, she talks about the process of hand-publishing the book in Zürich, and about her extensive professional experience, including the Feldenkrais Method of physical therapy for children.

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In Conversation: Juliana Barbassa

Juliana Barbassa is an award-winning journalist currently living in Switzerland. Her book, Dancing with the Devil in the City of God: Rio de Janeiro on the Brink, based on her years as correspondent for the Associated Press in Brazil, was published by...

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In Conversation: Samuel Schwarz

“We may complain about the exploitation of our most secret longings, about the gamification of our life environment, but we nonetheless like to lose ourselves in the artificial worlds of the machines.”

Samuel Schwarz is a Swiss film and theatre director, and founder of the 400asa Theatre group in Zürich. Libby O’Loghlin asks him about Polder, the largest transmedia storytelling project to come out of Switzerland, of which he is the founder and director.

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In Conversation: Andrew Crofts

Andrew Crofts is a ghostwriter and author who has published more than ​80 books, a dozen of which were Sunday Times number one bestsellers. He has also guided a number of international clients successfully through the minefield of independent publishing. Last year he published his own memoir “Confessions of a Ghostwriter” and this year sees the publication of “Chances” an erotic love story which he ghosted for an anonymous Swiss client.

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What the debate around Copyright tells us about fear and humanity

At the moment, copyright can be whatever we want it to be. Creative Commons and Copyleft separate these various forces from each other by not only offering a visual icon or symbol that functions like an infographic (that you can attach to your work) – icons that represent the flow of money, remix and ownership, and distribution – but these organisations also work towards building a public domain, the gist of which is giving the world a library of ideas that may be freely exchanged and modified in a context that fosters the abolition of fear.

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In Conversation: Philippe Perreaux

Philippe Perreaux studied Law at the University of Zürich, where he specialized in issues around global copyrights. For over 10 years he’s been legal adviser to major photo agencies, as well as global copyright negotiator for various artists, writers and producers. Over the past five years he has been founder and entrepreneur in fields of New Media, Copyright and Startups. Since 2004, he has been the representative of the alternative licensing system, Creative Commons, in Switzerland. In 2009, he co-founded the Swiss Foundation Public Domain Project: a project to digitize and promote free works of music.

Libby asks Philippe about Creative Commons licensing, piracy and obscurity, and the Swiss arm of the Creative Commons organisation.

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