Microstories are designed with love for friends and fellow humans.

They are either FOLDED or ASSEMBLED. 

Print one out, compile it … and share it with someone you love!

Beat Generation 2.0: Decoding Story for a Sustainable Planet is a 34-point manifesto for those of us who grew up on a diet of narrative media, however sweet or sour. Because we all know how sitcoms and movies and UX and games and books and ripping yarns work … and we all have the power to interrupt the story. (Even if it’s only the crazy writers among us that get hung up on technical terms.)

The Last Time I Checked I Was A Jellybaby is about courage in the face of Very Scary Things.

The Blue Balloon is a colouring-in style Microstory about grief … and joy.

Love is about … well, love. Actually, it’s *only* about love. It’s a book full of love, for when you want to just tell someone you love them, without all the explanations and other stuff.

Love for Refugees

Download the PURE LOVE version, and attach it to your care packages. No signature, no extra guff. Just Love.

Aaargh! I’m so Crabby! is a microstory I designed for one of my kids, who was having a bit of trouble moving past the ‘things aren’t going my way’ thing. It’s really just a little reminder that we have a choice in how we respond to life’s obstacles.

This Great Adventure We Call Life is a Microstory designed for the readers of Charlotte Aimes (my YA fiction). It contains some of my favourite quotes from the novel.

The Plot Twist Trajectory: Tips for managing The Feels when you’re off in outer space somewhere is a 7-point Micro-Handbook that you can have easily on hand for those moments when you need a quick reminder about how to manage The Feels.

The Plot Twist Trajectory for Pros is for taking it to level 11. If you think you’ve nailed the trajectory, why not download the pro version, which allows you to look at an icon and swing into action without all those bothersome words on the page.