For entrepreneurs and those of us who work in the so-called ‘gig economy’, there’s a real art to living in a state of flux (also known as the Liquid Modern). One way we can allay fears and general stress around grey areas is to concrete-ify, name things up, or put stuff on paper. (That bit comes at the end in the form of a worksheet!)

Dr. Srini Pillay (author, psychiatrist, brain researcher, musician) talks about ‘Certainty’ as it relates to enabling creativity, by specifically engineering our lives so we can build in time to be ‘unfocused’, and as soon as I heard this, I realised it’s similar to the points-on-the-map lens I use.

Points on the map

Certainties can be, for example: a stable relationship, a reliable car, a regular fitness program, a secure income, a weekly time slot in which you meet up with friends, or even half a day set aside clean the house.

For example: I have a stable home life, which of course takes effort to maintain, but for me it’s worth it because it’s overall an area of certainty in my life. Another example would be that I function best when I have the family’s weekly dinners decided and organized/prepared for by 4pm on the day. Any later than that, and I’m out of my comfort zone; I already have a lot of undefined zones in my work and life (hello! fiction writer!), so if I can be certain of that ‘landmark’, I’ll take it! (It’s also a way to reduce kid/my blood-sugar crashes and end-of-day fatigue and stresses, so mealtimes are rejuvenating rather than rushed and passing by unnoticed.)

Productivity geekery is go!

Anyway, I adapted this combination of thoughts to (yes) a(nother) worksheet, in order to look at my own life, where my areas of certainty are, and to perhaps see where I can build in some other points on the map, so that when I have a chance to be unfocused or in a grey zone, I can embrace it.

So here it is. And feel free to send me your thoughts, and you can also sign up for my monthly newsletter (if you haven’t already) to hear about more blog posts, productivity tips, and stuff I’m reading/listening to/diving into.